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solidarity sashes: Miss Piggy and 19 other titles for women who threaten trump’s insecurities. social media performance art project (instagram and twitter: #solidaritysashes); paper template designs and mixed media. Artist statement above.

October 20–November 8, 2016 (20 titles for 20 days counting down to 2016 Election Day).

solidarity sash #1: Miss Piggy.

solidarity sash #2: Miss Housekeeping.

solidarity sash #3: Miss Eating Machine.

solidarity sash #4: Miss Disgusting Animal.

solidarity sash #5: Miss Flat-Chested.

solidarity sash #6: Miss Hard-to-Be-a-10.

solidarity sash #7: Miss Honey Bunch.

solidarity sash #8: Miss Likes-Her-Candy.

solidarity sash #9: Miss Something-to-Prove.

solidarity sash #10: Miss Woman-Behind-the-Man.

solidarity sash #11: Miss Slob.

solidarity sash #12: Miss Fat Ass.

solidarity sash #13: Miss Fat, Ugly Face.

solidarity sash #14: Miss Face-of-a-Dog.

solidarity sash #15: Miss Extremely Unattractive.

solidarity sash #16: Miss Piece of Ass.

solidarity sash #17: Miss Body-Is-So-Good.

solidarity sash #18: Miss Bimbo.

solidarity sash #19: Miss Blood-Coming-Out-of-Her-Wherever.

solidarity sash #20: Miss Nasty Woman.

[insert period of darkness and confusion due to presidential election results. not all trump voters are sexist or racist or xenophobic, etc; however, mass confusion and despair at the realization that these views have massive potential to be not just approved for presidential-level representation but institutionalization in the fiber of our american society.]

post-election solidarity sash #21: I choose love. this sash represents a refusal to accept the institutionalization of fear-mongering, hatred, supremacy, dominance and marginalization in all its forms. it also represents the creation of beacons of hope, love and acceptance.


SOLIDARITY SASHES ASSEMBLE-AND-WEAR EVENT: GROUP SELFIE and social media flash post. A gathering of people energized to stand up against hate and show solidarity for love and acceptance. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 16, 2017, WORLD PEACE BELL, NEWPORT, KENTUCKY.

event attendees: Nick Dew; Peta Niehaus Dew; Sarah Eisenman; leah Kroeger; Maren, Adrian and Llewyn Carpenter-Fearing; julie mader-meersman; will johnson; sarah mcdermott shell; gerald shell; and tama wagner. these and additional online participants viewable via #solidaritysashes on Instagram and Twitter.

bottom image by Sarah McDermott Shell

Exhibition installation

Artifacts of the performance art project are on display in the Northern Kentucky University 2017 Faculty Exhibition, Main Gallery, from January 13 through February 3. Also featured is the final form of the project, shown being worn in the two images above: “Solidarity Sashes,” the artist’s book. The book is a documentary record of the project in its entirety. The binding balloons out into a wearable sash.

The “I Choose Love” sash was worn on Inauguration Day in the NKU Main Gallery in conjunction with the exhibit. It was also worn the next day, January 21st, when I attended the Cincinnati Women’s March on Washington sister march in Washington Park.

some resources to help stand up against bigotry and hateful rhetoric

article > one way to bridge the political divide: read the book that's not for you, lynn neary, npr

article > speak up: responding to everyday bigotry, Southern Poverty law center

article > voted for trump? i have only one plea, jessica shortall

list > 10 ways to stand together in solidarity against hate, human rights campaign

web site >

documentary project > the pussy project, helena price (thanks to marc leone for the share)


private collection, sara m. and michelle vance waddell, solidarity sashes: miss piggy and 19 other titles for women who threaten trump’s insecurities original set of 2016 pre-election performance art sashes, feb 2017

feature > river city news, “NKU Professor Turns Trump's Words Into Sashes, Invites Others to Join,” January 15, 2017, (Jackie Demaline, RCN arts, covington)

feature > > culture wars, “Northern Kentucky U Art Exhibit Focuses on Trump’s Insults to Women,” January 16, 2017, (Jillian kay melchior, writer, new york); re-published on the tea party’s front page, january 16, 2017

feature > the northerner, “NKU community reflects on Women’s March, women’s issues,” February 13, 2017, (Mackenzie Manley, Managing Editor, highland heights)